ACF to Present at AGM of C.C. Morris Cricket Library & Museum

ACF Applauds Philadelphia Int’l Cricket Festival “The British are coming! The British are coming!” Contrary to popular opinion, those were not the actual words uttered by Paul Revere in his 1775 midnight ride through Boston. However, the British did come,

The Philadelphia International Cricket Festival is an annual sporting charity event staged during the first weekend in May to: promote cricket in the region, encourage national and international sporting ties, and support youth development through charitable donations. As the Cradle

American Cricket Federation…A Path Forward! Unanimous agreement focuses on accountability, transparency, term limits and a wide representative electorate. January 20, 2013 The American Cricket Federation (ACF) announced today that the organization’s draft constitution was ready to be issued for public comment. Announcing the time

Friday, January 18, 2013 – The newly formed American Cricket Federation (ACF) will on Sunday release a draft of its Constitution and membership structure. The document will cover a wider electorate of stakeholders with a focus on term limits for

SCCA elects executive

In last month’s elections, Kamal Azeez was reelected as President of Southern California Cricket Association (SCCA).  The SCCA executive is as follows – Kamal Azeez – President Nazim Shirazi – VP Steven Day – 2nd VP Dr. Asif Ahmad – Secretary Nasim Khan –

The American Cricket Federation (ACF) extends its heartfelt sympathy to those who lost loved ones, and encouragement to the affected, as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Our sincere appreciation to the first responders and civic-minded citizens who pitched in to

ACF held its inaugural T20 tournament on October 6, 7 and 8, 2012 on natural turf wickets at the Woodley Cricket Complex. Eight teams took part in the tournament – Minnesota Cricket Association (MCA), Michigan Cricket Association (MichCA), Cricket League

  The American Cricket Federation (ACF) said today that preparations were in full swing ahead of the Inaugural T20 tournament.   The tournament, to be played over the Columbus Day weekend (October 6-8), has attracted eight leagues from across the country. “We

SG, the leading Indian cricket brand, has signed on as the Equipment Sponsor for ACF’s Inaugural T20 tournament hosted by SCCA this weekend (October 6-8). Kamal Azeez, President of SCCA announced today that the tournament will be played with the

Southern California Cricket Association, the biggest cricket league on USA’s west coast, expressed its support for the American Cricket Federation (ACF) and its guiding principles.   Founded in 1935, SCCA comprises 48 teams playing in five divisions, its reach extending from Santa Barbara in the