American Cricket Federation…A Path Forward!
January 18, 2013 Share

American Cricket Federation…A Path Forward!

Friday, January 18, 2013 – The newly formed American Cricket Federation (ACF) will on Sunday release a draft of its Constitution and membership structure. The document will cover a wider electorate of stakeholders with a focus on term limits for those elected to national office.

According to Professor Gangaram Singh, ACF Constitution Committee chair, “It has long been our goal to provide US Cricket with a selfless platform that will unite all cricket constituencies through a universal appeal that can accelerate US cricket development.”

“In addition to the months of internal committee deliberations of several experts and experienced cricket administrators, and unanimous adoption by the Steering Committee, we determined that the draft should also be made available for comment and input to the wider cricket community for whose benefit it was designed”

The document will be made available to the general public for scrutiny and comments via, before being adopted at the organization’s first General Membership meeting expected to be held later this year. Never before has such an opportunity of inclusivity been afforded cricketers and other stakeholders in the US.