ACF Teams Logos, Uniforms Revealed; Major Branding and Marketing Push To Begin
September 25, 2014 Share

ACF Teams Logos, Uniforms Revealed; Major Branding and Marketing Push To Begin

During the month of September, the American Cricket Federation has revealed the professionally designed logos and uniforms of the teams that will compete in its national competitions. These stylish new looks, springing from our partnership with Newbery Cricket, are part of a broad overall program that will enable local domestic cricket to be branded and marketed, both by ACF and its leagues.

This marketing campaign will be aimed at procuring local sponsorship of the teams, as well as the development of fan bases that will support the teams as they compete nationally. Part of this will be assisting with the development of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and the streamlining of team organizational structures.

The ultimate object of this branding initiative is to lay the groundwork for the professionalization of American domestic cricket.

As loyal fan bases grow up around teams, and income is derived through sponsorships and merchandising, it will become possible to invest in coaching and player development. As the quality of the on-field product grows, it will then become possible to begin selling tickets to matches. Eventually, there will be a professional organization in place, supporting professional cricketers.

While the uniform designs are now public, fans will get a first glimpse of players wearing the Newbery kits during the ACF National Championship Tournament next month in Orlando. Each of the six division winners will have the honor of being first on the field with the new uniforms; the rest of the teams will debut their new colors at the start of the 2015 season.

So, cricket fan, which team will you support? Who will become cricket’s New York Yankees, or Green Bay Packers? Will the “star” logo in Florida resonate with cricket fans the way the “star” logo in Texas does with football fans?

Only time will tell. But that time starts today.