ACF Election 2013 – Nominated Candidates and Brief Bio
November 18, 2013 Share

ACF Election 2013 – Nominated Candidates and Brief Bio

The American Cricket Federation (ACF) is pleased to announce the following individuals have been duly nominated and are candidates for national office within the ACF’s first electoral cycle.

Electoral balloting will take place between 9:00 AM Wednesday, November 27 and 23:55 PM on Saturday, December 7, 2013. All balloting will be done electronically, with each voter assigned a unique voter registration ID number and password, allowing him/her access to voting for candidates for whom the voter’s membership eligibility permits. Voting instructions are being emailed to all ACF members currently eligible to vote in this inaugural election of the organization. If any Member does not receive these instructions by Friday, November 15, 2013, please advise Mike Thomas at

The following biographical summaries are extracted from submissions by the candidates themselves, and do not constitute an endorsement by the ACF, or members of its Steering Committee.

Ernie Precious

President, British Officers’ C.C., Philadelphia and Sec’y Greater Philadelphia Cricket League.
From UK league cricket to US cricket in 1986, he is heavily involved in ground development, and is a Board member of the Philadelphia Int’l Cricket Festival.

Avinash Varma

President Washington Metro Cricket Board, ACF Cricket League. A US club cricketer since 1990.
Since 2010 is strongly committed to cricket development in Prince George’s County, with initiatives in grounds, a cricket academy, and coaching.

Jatin Patel

Indiana Youth Cricket Assn., 2nd VP USYCA. He is very active in regional school, teacher, community, and cricket camp development. He introduced cricket to 247 schools since 2010 and a pioneer of coaching publications, and is a recipient of an ACF Volunteer Recognition Award.

Priya Singh

President Missouri Youth Cricket Assn., USYCA Board. She is pro-active in coaching, youth tournaments (U7-U16), and a Youth Cricket Academy initiative. She has an aggressive outlook to regional cricket development.

Shantha Suraweera

President, Orange County Cricket Association, Founding member and former President of Orange County Lions CC since 2006, now active in coaching, team management, and youth development.

Shahid Ahmed

Founding Member and Chairman, Michigan State Cricket Assn., ACF Steering Committee.
He is an engineer and US club cricketer since 1992, and is active in regional cricket administration.

Masaood Yunus

President, Minnesota Cricket Assn., 2011-12. An ACF Steering Committee member, he is an active US club cricketer and tournament organizer, and is proactive in regional and national cricket development and promotion.

Avinash Gaje

President, New Jersey Soft Ball Cricket League, one of, if not the largest US softball league, with 100+ recreational clubs and some 2,500 players. An ACF Steering Committee member, Avi sees huge potential for soft ball cricket from both national coordination, and as a bridge between schools and the senior game.

John L. Aaron

ACF Steering Committee member, Sec’y, Atlantis C.C. – NY, and former Sec’y of USACA 2008-11, before aligning with ACF for its transparency and will to pursue good governance and integrity. He is committed to cricket development. Is a 2012 inductee to the Cricket Hall of Fame and has latterly contributed significantly to the growth of youth and women’s cricket.

Jagan Jagannathan

ACF Steering Committee member and Acting Secretary, Team manager, Sec’y and coach California Cricket Academy (2003-2012).
A US club player since 1984, he has had previous cricket experience in India, then Canada (1975-83). A firm believer in grassroots development as the key to US success.

Mike Thomas

ACF Steering Committee member and Acting Treasurer, USYCA Board Member and Treasurer, Board Member C.C. Morris Cricket Library & Museum, Co-Founder of Philadelphia Int’l Cricket Festival, and former President, British Officers’ C.C., Philadelphia. He has spent a lifetime in cricket and cricket administration, with 20+ years in UK league cricket, then US league play in three States since 1986. Sees US development led by youth a remaining goal.

Vishal Durvasula

Secretary then President, Carolina Cricket League (2009-11), Mid-Atlantic Cricket Conference (2007-2008). He is a communicator and skilled cricket administrator, with strengths in league management and umpire development.

Vijay Panneerselvam

Co-founder and Director, North Florida Cricket League, Captain First Coast C.C. His experience includes tournament organization; ground acquisition, and turf pitch preparation.

Durga Das

ACF Steering Committee member and Captain, US Women’s cricket team 2010, Firebirds C.C., NCAA.
She is a well-travelled and impressive cricketer for over 20 years, graduating from captain of Indian Universities Women’s cricket team, to the India Women’s World Cup squad in 1990. Latterly has represented the US in Women’s World Cup qualifier in Bangladesh 2011.

Sandra Ibarra

Southern California Cricket Assn., Corinthians C. C.  She has represented USA in the Cup of the Americas, placing 2nd as and ICC tournament qualifier. She is a pioneer in T20 competitions for women, and is an Irvine League Tapeball award winner. Latterly with coaching certification, has been coaching children in Maryland and California.

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