ACF Election 2013 – Candidates Announced For 2013 ACF Elections
November 4, 2013 Share

ACF Election 2013 – Candidates Announced For 2013 ACF Elections

The American Cricket Federation’s independent Election Examiner today declared the following list of eligible candidates for various posts in the first ACF Elections to be held with voting taking place between November 23 and December 7, 2013.

  Candidate Name Candidate Profile
1 John L. Aaron Atlantis CC New York, ACF Steering Committee
2 Shahid Ahmed Greater Detroit CC Michigan, Michigan Cricket Association, ACF Steering Committee
3 Durga Das Firebirds CC California, US Women’s National Player, ACF Steering Committee
4 Vishal Durvasula South Park CC North Carolina, Carolina Cricket League
5 Avinash Gaje PCC New Jersey, NJ Softball Cricket League, ACF Steering Committee
6 Sandra Ibarra Corinthians CC California, US Women’s National Player
7 Jagan Jagannathan Cardinals CC California, Acting Secretary ACF Steering Committee
8 Vijay Panneerselvam Florida CC, North Florida Cricket League
9 Jatin Patel Indiana Youth Cricket Association, USYCA Board, USASEC
10 Ernie Precious British Officer’s CC Philadelphia, Greater Philadelphia Cricket League
11 Priya Singh Missouri Youth Cricket Association, USYCA Board
12 Shantha Suraweera Orange Co. Lions CC California, Orange Co. Cricket Association
13 Mike Thomas British Officer’s CC Philadelphia, USYCA Board, CCM Cricket Library Board, Acting Treasurer – ACF Steering Committee
14 Avinash Varma Damascus CC Virginia, Washington Metro Cricket Board, ACF Steering Committee
15 Masaood Yunus Minnesota Strykers CC, President (2011-2012) Minnesota Cricket Association, ACF Steering Committee

Full details of the electronic balloting system and its use will be sent to all eligible Voting Members by email, together with more biographical details of each candidate, and the posts they are standing for.

Please note that according to the ACF Constitution, the existing Steering Committee will be disbanded immediately following the results of the 2013 Elections, and the newly elected Board and Advisory and Judicial Committee will take over.

The American Cricket Federation salutes these dedicated cricket administrators and wishes them well.