LeagueToberfest! – Florida Cricket Conference
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LeagueToberfest! – Florida Cricket Conference

Florida Cricket Conference

The Florida Cricket Conference (FCC) was formed in 2010 when a number of Central Florida cricketers and administrators decided to head in a different direction than where the Central Florida Cricket Association (CFCA) was headed. The FCC is one of the two hard-ball cricket leagues in Central Florida, and while they are much younger than the CFCA, but have more teams and more geographically diverse along the I-4 corridor. Additionally, the FCC has revolutionized the way cricket is played and managed in Central Florida!

The league was launched with an annual Festival of Cricket where local talent was featured in an All-Star event based on their country or region of origin. Since Florida is blessed with warm temperatures year round, local cricketers in the FCC take full advantage of the weather and play 52 weeks a year only taking breaks for national holidays or national tournaments! The FCC’s 12 clubs play year round; T20’s in the hot Florida summer months and 35 over cricket in the cooler Florida winter. The league is led by its CEO, Khalid Motiwala, who was also on the ACF’s steering committee during the formation of the constitution, President Kunal Patel, Sr. Vice President Prashant Patel, Vice President Amir Kiani, Sr. Director of Operations Errol Perreira, Secretary Sharanjit Singh, and Treasurer Shaan Ahmed.

The FCC was one of many leagues around the country that were barred from voting in the 2011 USACA elections even though deemed compliant with all required criteria during the external audit process. Since then, FCC’s member clubs decided to cut all ties with USACA and chose to support the ACF subsequently hosting the first ever face to face ACF meeting last August in Orlando and the 2nd Annual ACF T20 National Championships. Over the last three years, the league has held steady at 12 teams with approximately 300 cricketers who have participated in league matches and have brought 5 new cricket venues to Central Florida cricket in Tampa, Bartow, Orlando, and Daytona.

The FCC has a strong base of teams with some teams blessed with international and first class caliber cricketers such as Faoud Bacchus, Timroy Allen, Robert Cressar, Moazzam Imtiaz, Hussain Haider, and George Bhim. Additionally, the league has seen multiple clubs win titles over the 3 years even though some clubs such as Lucas CC and Smart Choice CC are the star studded teams. The other league teams such as Rebels CC, Aryans CC, Classy Knights, Orlando CC, Orlando Lions, Blues, Bartow, Falcons, and VC3 Tigers are filled with yeoman type players but their team chemistry and superb leadership has seen them perform at a high level and even win some titles. A vast majority of league news, cricket chatter or community events and outreach are captured on the FCC website; along with interesting banter between teams is housed on their Facebook page. Since the league plays year round, there is an awards ceremony at the end of each tournament at the Finals match where there is a festive atmosphere with DJ’s blaring music, vendors, and large crowds. Additionally, this is when the league’s prime time performers are acknowledged and celebrated!

FCC’s vision is to provide, play, promote, and administer with integrity; with a focus on youth cricketers to develop the next generation of players! With the focus on the next generation of cricketers, the FCC is in the process of rolling out a youth cricket academy and has already worked with city and county officials to implement five synthetic turf pitches around Central Florida. The FCC welcomes all cricket enthusiasts to join the league regardless of their skill level or years of experience!

FCC is hosting the ACF 2nd Annual National Cricket Tournament this weekend. Visit FCC website or ACF Facebook page for further information.

Website: http://www.florida-cricket.com

Rahul Joshi can be reached at rsj2828@gmail.com. Rahul is also an FCC representative at the ACF Steering Committee.