ACF Announces 2013 Election Results
December 10, 2013 Share

ACF Announces 2013 Election Results

A Benchmark of Excellence Established for U.S. Cricket Elections

Monday, December 9,2013 – The American Cricket Federation (ACF) today announced the results of elections for its Board of Directors and its Advisory & Judiciary Committee. Electronic balloting has been taking place for the last two weeks and closed at 11:55 PM on December 7.

Six separate ballots for different classes of members under the ACF Constitution operated simultaneously. The balloting was organized by, a Canadian company highly regarded and certified for their security and privacy protocols.

From the total eligible list of 263 voters from across the nation, 217, or 83% were cast. The results are as follows:

Board of Directors – Elected

% of respective votes

Avinash Varma                 Hardball Zone Director                          100%

Ernest Precious                Hardball Zone Director                           60%

Masaood Yunus                Hardball Zone Director                           67%

Shahid Ahmed                  Hardball Zone Director                           67%

Avinash Gaje                     National Softball Director                       100%

Jagan Jagannathan         At-Large Director                                       73%

John Aaron                         At-Large Director                                     84%

Mike Thomas                     At-Large Director                                      99%

One Independent Director will be appointed by the newly incumbent board: two further Zone Directors will be elected commensurate with the continuing growth of membership.

Advisory & Judiciary Committee – Elected

Vijay Paneerselvam        Club & Player Representative                84%

Vishal Durvasula             Club & Player Representative                 91%

Jatin Patel                         Development Representative                  93%

Priya Singh                       Development Representative                  75%

Shantha Suraweera         Hardball League Representative          100%

Durga Das                         Women’s Cricket Representative            67%

Sandra Ibarra                   Women’s Cricket Representative          100%

A Softball Representative and two College Representatives will be elected with continuing growth in membership.

“We are very pleased how well the whole election process worked,” said Mike Thomas, Acting ACF Treasurer and Election Organizer. “All timelines pre-set in the ACF Constitution were met and the SimplyVoting system provided a totally secure balloting platform. Once the ballots were designed and set,” explained Thomas, “no intervention is possible, votes can only be cast by authorized electors each with unique IDs and passwords, and results are automatically tabulated and verifiable.”

“We are greatly indebted to Professor G. E. Whittenburg, CPA, EA, Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy, San Diego State University,” continued Thomas. “As Election Examiner, he reviewed elector eligibility, candidate eligibility and from examination of ballot outcomes, expressed satisfaction that results were correctly reported. We believe that high benchmarks of excellence have been established in the planning, conduct and execution of U.S. cricket elections.”

As a consequence of these results, the ACF Steering Committee was dissolved at midnight on Sunday, December 8, 2013. This milestone event confirms the next exciting stage of ACF’s momentum. A totally democratic management team – with term-limits – now comprises the continuity of key drivers from the former Steering Committee and ACF’s CEO Jamie Harrison, together with highly competent new faces representing most of the constituencies of U.S. cricket.